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The Mint Savor Story

You take care of every aspect of your appearance in order to make a good impression. You make precise and purposeful decisions from the numerous selections available when it comes to your hair, your clothes, your shoes, to the accessories available to embellish everything from your nose down to your toes. And yet, when it comes to the most important feature of making a good impression...your breath...you have a minimal choice of bulky flip flop tins and paper rolls. Not quite up to par with the rest of your appearance.

Well lo and behold Mint Savor has created a new class of mints. Our exotic flavors are topped only by the tin which houses them. Not your typical flip (then flop) tin opening, Mint Savor tins slide open as smoothly as the flavors disperse in your mouth. There is something for every person (or every persona in you). Pomegranate Passion Fruit for your flirtatious/seductive side, Mojito for your inner (or outer) party animal, Tangerine for that sweet-then-sour personality, and our classic Peppermint for the admirably smart and elegant. Whatever flavor you choose, we guarantee it will Save Your Breath for every occasion. Whatever tin you choose, we guarantee you will be the talk of every occasion.

Teaks Sugar-Free Mints